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Just 12 hours remain to get today’s Last Chance Tee: “Pirate medical kit” on Qwertee:

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Stuff like this makes me think I need to start keeping a list of t-shirt tropes, like:

  1. Mascot character in fake pocket
  2. 8-bit game box cover
  3. Popular images rendered as pixel art
  4. Akira poster parodies
  5. Game of Thrones ad parodies (Ned Stark on the Iron Throne)
  6. Attack on Titan parodies
  7. Pulp Fiction parodies
  8. Characters drawn in the style of Adventure Time
  9. Fake school seals
  10. Fake band tour shirts
  11. Art Nouveau/Alphonse Mucha-style designs
  12. Che Guevara parodies
  13. "I ♥ NY" parodies/variations
  14. John & Paul & Ringo & George parodies/variations

Karen Hallion and Joebot probably qualify as their own categories, as well.

This isn’t to stay that I don’t enjoy t-shirts with these designs (in fact, I own #2, 3, 7, and 8), but that they are common design ideas.

(If you can think of anymore, please send them along, and I’ll include them in a future masterpost.)

This WonderCon t-shirt is the nadir of sexist nerd culture humor.

OK, so we could talk about how this is indicative of the ingrained sexism in nerd culture and how it relates to the number of women who wind up getting harassed at sci-fi, comic, and gaming conventions, but seriously, instead, can we talk about how this joke doesn’t even make sense?

“I like fangirls how I like my coffee. I hate coffee.”

Who is the target audience for this sentiment, anyway? How tiny is the Venn diagram crossover for WonderCon attendees who hate women and coffee, and have really bad taste in shirts?


This t-shirt is so stupid I can’t even be offended by it, because as the Daily Dot so helpfully pointed out, it “doesn’t even make sense.” 

No one cares if you don’t like coffee because no one is forcing you to drink it. Honestly, no one cares if you don’t like fangirls either, because no one is forcing you to talk to one and certainly not date one. But I suppose, you may, just maybe, have to co-exist in the same space as both coffee and fangirls. The horror! But, still, your coffee and fangirl interaction is something you can limit without stopping coffee drinkers and fangirls from enjoying themselves. Unless…

You like to go around knocking over other people’s cups of coffee? You like to go around knocking over other people, spilling their life-giving juices all over the ground, because they happen to be female-gendered and fans of something?

I don’t know. However, I know what you do like! Ugly, stupid t-shirts!



Ever hear of LookHuman? You probably know them as the website that has apparel and accessories with catchy slogans and phrases that fit right in with the tumblr community’s sense of humor.

Well, that’s because a large number of those catchy slogans and phrases, along with artwork, were made by tumblr users and used without credit or permission.

That’s right: LookHuman repeatedly and routinely steals/plagiarizes and profits off the work and words of others.

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

  1. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  2. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  3. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  4. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  5. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:
  6. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  7. Original Post on tumblr:

    Stolen by LookHuman:

And this is just a short list of the examples I could find easily.

They have also stolen work from other websites as well:

Original Shirt:



Stolen by LookHuman:


LookHuman is a company that preys on artists. They profit off other people’s work. None of the money from their sales go back to the original artists or originators of the artwork, slogans, and phrases they use. None of these people were credited.

Bottom line: See a cute shirt with a catchy phrase on LookHuman’s website? Chances are it’s already being sold by the original poster.

Don’t like seeing companies like this thrive? Don’t allow them to.





122 N Grant Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43215
United States

Tell LookHuman that you do not support art theft and plagiarism, and demand that they stop engaging in these practices. Refuse to buy from their store until they change their policies and begin crediting the artists whose work they are profiting off of.

Protect artists.

Support artists.

Boycott art thieves.

God dammit I have one of their shirts. I’m wearing it right now. Fuck. I am a horses ass. And so are they.

Oh great another Todd Goldman situation.

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